Your Independent Financial Adviser

Malibu Wealth Advisory and Keith Henderson are independent, which means no ownership links or affiliations with product providers, no commissions or incentive payments, and no asset-based fees.
An interview with Keith

Q. What prompted you to practice a service that is ‘IFAAA Gold Standard’ independent?

Being truly independent means there is no ambiguity. I work for my client. I only get paid by the client, and the advice is not biased towards a particular product or strategy by conflicts of interest. I therefore have a clear mind to focus on giving the best possible advice, and on helping people achieve their goals.


Q. What is your highest degree qualification?

Master of Applied Finance (Financial Planning) with Distinction (2012)

Q. What are your professional affiliations?

  • SMSF Association Specialist AdvisorTM
  • Practicing Member of the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers (PIFA)
  • Financial Planner Member of the FPA
  • Registered tax (financial) adviser with the Australian Government Tax Practitioners Board

Q. How many years financial services experience to you have, and what’s your work experience before becoming an adviser? 

I’ve been providing personal financial advice to Australians since March 2014, including several years at Westpac as a small business and personal financial adviser.

Before that, like many people nowadays, I’ve had several careers. I’ve worked in small business (in manufacturing and venture capital), big business (BT Financial Group), and as a teacher and instructor in Australia and abroad (Monash University, QUT, the Department of Defence and the British Council Bangkok).

I believe that a varied work and life experience is important if you are going to relate to people and advise them about a very personal subject – money!

Q. What would you say is the best aspect of your role as an adviser?

Seeing clients progress from financial disorder and confusion to clarity and purpose, so they can relax and enjoy life more as a result. Opening up options for people that they didn’t realise they had. And having protection strategies in place for them so that if life throws some nasty punches, the damage can be minimised or mitigated.

Q. How would you best describe your typical client?

Someone who knows their financial world is not the best it could be, who wants an independent adviser to do the heavy lifting and help them get organised, stay organised, and achieve their goals.

Q. What is one thing that anyone can do to improve their financial circumstances?

Keep track of your spending. It may not be everyone’s idea of a fun activity, but it is always illuminating!

Q. What are your interests outside of financial planning?

Family. Touch football and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Reading. Playing music (or more accurately, it used to be an interest before I became a financial planner and a parent!). And continuing to enjoy the amazing world we live in and all the human and environmental wonder that it offers us.